Friday, October 29, 2010


*Pretty warm today, ~8 degree accompanied with the absence of winds. A clothing incident occurred to me on the way riding to another campus for my Finnish class, so that warmth plus my dear jacket did save me from a deadly freezing embarrassment. Lucky me. :”)

*My internship at the R&D Department of my university has been claimed by one instructor since this afternoon. Such a good opportunity for me..! Not until this afternoon did I know how my plan for the next summer should be, whether I need to stay in Finland or go to somewhere else for training or come back to Vietnam. Now clear that I am gonna finish all studies and training during this academic year and then spend my summer happily in Saigon before going exchange next year. :) However, the idea of leaving Finland soon is sort of sad as well. Finland has gone to my heart in its own way.

Well.. what are ours will come back to us at the end of the journey, so let it be.

*I promise myself to always keep my daily life in a good balance.

Right here exists only my breath.

Nothing is above my breath.

*I practice to be more critical in studying, and less judgmental in personal relationships. “People are basically good”, as written in a common e-mail from eBay some weeks ago..

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