Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Quick note for today,

*The first time I stayed at school until that late in the evening. When I walked to the entrance door, lots of lights were already turned off. Standing and staring at sequential lines of tables and chairs placed orderly in such a huge space of the school restaurant, I heard the silence. Hard to describe the feeling, just like I was all alone and felt good with the quietness. Hiljaisuus. Like the world were still.
And I realized I’ll miss this place tons when leaving Finland. Well I’m often annoyed with too generic sayings, but yeah.. I’m gonna miss this place.

*Michael sent us a late e-mail saying he knew all of us were too tired today with the case study, but he tried to share with us some more useful information. I just don’t know how to thank my group mates for their attitudes, all three of theirs. It is not that easy to have such responsible people in one’s group; and teamwork can probably drive one crazy with attitude clashes. I feel grateful that all of us always try the best to work for the group, and offer sympathy to each other's disastrously overlapping study timetable. At the end of a tiring day, it is so good to know that you still have someone else to learn new things together.

*Tried not to cry in the class when coming across a news about four Vietnamese kids escaped from their kindergarten (don’t know the exact English word for that kind of place) because they were beaten terribly by their teachers. Dear Buddha, how could it be possible? People must go insane on their mind..! How could they..?

*“If a girl could be two places at one time, I’d be with you”.

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