Saturday, March 19, 2011

trăng nơi đáy giếng

Trăng Nơi Đáy Giếng (2008)

"Đêm trăng nơi đáy giếng, thấy bóng chẳng thấy hình.."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dad, mum

I'm going to bed now. Wish you a nice day back home. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

career of choice

I am not sure it is the coffee that makes me so excited, or just now comes the moment I feel like being verbal about some of my thoughts which have created a great comfort to my soul these days. Comfort, or happiness, I cannot decide which word expresses this kind of feeling more accurately; but the pleasure is so palpable that it is not common in my daily life at all. I have just felt it, a clear inclination to pursue a career in Human Resources Management for the whole of my life.

Since being a teenager, I have been cracking my brains in whenever it comes to the career thing. I always wish to devote the best of mine to this life, or more specifically, to the good people who have protected, raised and showed me the meaning of life. I believe a good work does not only help one get the best out of one’s self but also serves as a way to express one’s ample gratitude for all the blessings one has been given. In my first grade of junior high school, my teacher once asked if anyone in the classroom could speak out loud about their favorite jobs. I then volunteered to talk about my own dreaming career as a journalist or a psychiatrist. Being a journalist, I would be able to speak for people and indulge myself in writing; and as a therapist, I would know a lot about Psychology, Communication and help people with their mental hardness. Speaking of now, both have been still ideal to me, but not idyllic anymore. I wrote articles during junior high school time and involved myself a little bit in the world of mass communications which turned out too tough for me. Besides, both jobs would place my life on the financial edge in the case of my home country.

After that period of time giving it way to reality, I usually felt badly disconnected with the surroundings because there was no clue on my mind about what to do with my professional life. I came to Finland to get a degree in Business which, in my way of thinking, would offer me a great deal of understanding how things are run in life. And yes, I guess the nature of the study accompanied with my living abroad have given me more sense of realism which has also scaled down my life goals; or it is just me finding more about what I really want for my life. The more I grow up, the smaller my dreams are. Now I only wish for a happy family and a good job with which I can create some values, not many but real values for other people. After all of these years, there is only one wish that has been unchanged in my heart about helping people from the humanistic and social standpoint.

Hence a career in HRM seems to fit it all. There are chances for me to be with people, to learn and practice to treat them appropriately, to understand them, to counsel and support their life, to be their advocate and so on. I have my certainty that people are basically good and every individuals has their own strengths to contribute to the community, so it must be meaningful to believe in them and be at their side. Moreover, the job would not make me get uptight about money matters which do count to some extent.

For a couple of recent days when picking courses for my exchange study started this fall, I have been getting happy about the chance to gain lots of HRM knowledge. How tempting it is to enroll for Work Psychology, Workplace Counseling and Therapy, Managing Diversity/ Equality Issues and etc.

I do not know if there is anything which will change my mind about this later, but let leave that for the future. Now I just feel so right in here. Now I find myself fully committed to a choice of career that suits my attributes most and helps me keep faith in the good of human beings. That is all what I need.